What is Gridiron Toss™?

Gridiron Toss

Gridiron Toss™ is a bag toss game that fully simulates real football in every aspect of the game. Including kick off and kickoff returns, offensive and defensive scrimmage, fumbles, interceptions, sacks, punts, punt returns and punt blocks, field goal attempts, blocked field goals, extra points, 2 point conversions, onside kicks, safeties, and penalties.

While developing Gridiron Toss™, no stone was left unturned. Every play is exciting and every play has consequences. Teams score points by earning yards, picking up first downs, and advancing the ball into their opponent’s end zone for a touchdown. All while being attacked by the opposing team’s defense; exactly like real football. In fact the game play so vividly matches that of real football, players tend to visualize and describe what they thought they saw on the field.

Gridiron Toss™ culminated from 2 1/2 years of research, experimentation, prototyping, designing a dynamic rule structure and logical game layout, while developing a manufacturing process. This has translated into a truly realistic football simulation that is unmatched by any game of its kind.

At first glance, Gridiron Toss™ may resemble the traditional bag toss game. This design was intentionally chosen based on the sheer number of bag toss boards currently found in backyards, schools, churches, bars, and tailgating events throughout the country. This allows for the Gridiron Toss™ Overlay Edition to fit any standard 24 inch by 48 inch bag toss board. Making it both convenient and portable. While allowing us to utilize a well-established, preexisting market.

The typical game flow of Gridiron Toss™ will exactly match what you would expect from a real football game. From kick off to overtime and everything in between. If it can happen in real football, it will happen in Gridiron Toss™ Players will consistently employ strategies based on real football scenarios, and be forced to make tough decisions based on realistic situations on the field.

For instance, its fourth and 3 on your opponent’s 40 yard line. Do you attempt long field goal? Do you punt and try to pin your opponent deep in their own territory? Or attempt to pick up a first down? The choice is always yours. Sometimes a game may develop into a high scoring shootout. While other games may be low scoring defensive battles. In Gridiron Toss™ no 2 games are the same. Just like real football.

Besides the ability to play fully structured football games, Gridiron Toss™ also includes five mini games. Quarterback Challenge, 100 Yard Dash, 40 Yard Dash, Touchdown Derby and Overtime Shootout. All of this makes Gridiron Toss™ exciting, competitive, immersive, Interactive and addictive.


Health and Educational Benefits

Aside from Gridiron Toss™ being an incredible game, it also has its health and educational benefits. During a full length, two player game a player can walk as much as 2 miles. But because they remain so involved in the excitement and competitiveness of the game, they don’t even realize it.

And because Gridiron Toss™ Is structured around the fundamentals of real football, it can, and does give “would be” Football fans a much better understanding of the game.

By encouraging league play and hosting charitable events, Gridiron Toss™ could be a very powerful marketing tool for professional football franchises in the area of creating new fans through family fun and education in both existing and emerging markets.


The Future of Gridiron Toss™

We strongly believe that Gridiron Toss™ will become a recognized sport, much like Billiards and Bowling. We are in early stages of league development and intend to develop leagues throughout the nation, with GiTReal Concepts being the sanctioning body and holding local, regional and national tournaments.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to develop Gridiron Toss™ beyond its current platform and into an electronic, automatic scoring system, capable of connecting to other systems throughout the country or world that will use display screens that will show the game in a realistic broadcast view. We call this the Gridiron Toss™ Stadium Edition.

While playing Gridiron Toss™ you are the coach, the player, the officials, and the chain gang. You are in the trenches.

Whether you’re a football fanatic, tailgater, or a backyard gamer and you want to experience and play football in a way never before conceived, then try Gridiron Toss™. “The Madden NFL of bag toss!”

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