Gridiron Toss™ Gameplay

Gridiron Toss™ is a bag toss game that simulates real football. The game is played by tossing two football bags:  One by the offense and one by the defense. These two tosses determine either the yards gained or lost by the offense. The game boards and football bags are used to determine the result of each play, while the down and distance needed for a first down and score are kept track of on the GiTReal Virtual Football Field™ which stretches between the two game boards. The line of scrimmage marker is placed at the spot of the ball while the first down marker is placed at the spot needed to pick up a first down. Just as in real football the object of the game is to advance the football down the field and into your opponents end-zone for a touchdown. But what if your drive stalls? Again, just as in real football, you have the option to punt or if in range, attempt a field goal. If your 4th down attempt fails to net the yards needed to pick up a first down, the ball is turned over to your opponent at the spot at which the ball was down.  See, just like real football!
If at any time a player’s ball fails to contact the playing field, the opposing team has the option to throw a penalty flag. Where this penalty flag lands on the playing field will determine the severity of the penalty.
A game starts with a kickoff followed by a kickoff return, then progresses to offensive and defensive scrimmage. Just as in real football, anytime a team scores a touchdown/extra point or field goal, it is followed by a kickoff to the opposing team.
This is football in every aspect of the game. Gridiron Toss™ requires skill as well as strategy. It is truly an immersive, interactive and addictive football simulation that is unmatched by any game of its kind!

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